Welcome to the Internal Medicine Department № 1!

Professors and academics of our department provide the patients of cardiologic, endocrinologic and gastro-enterologic profiles with the specialized medical therapeutic help. The clinical basis of our department consists of half of the cardiologic department (35 bed-places) where there is also an intensive therapy ward (9 bed-places) and 50 bed-places of endocrinologic department.

The basis of the Iternal Medicine Department № 1 are the endocrinologic and cardiologic departments of the Ternopil University Hospital. Treatment and diagnostic-consultative work at a clinic is performed by 2 professors, 5 assistant professors and 1 assistant. All of them are valued with the higher qualification category either in their specialty or in general therapy. All the academics have passed specialization courses.

The curator of the endocrinologic department is the Head of the Internal Medicine Department № 1 – professor Nadiia Vasylivna Pasiechko.

The Head of the Internal Medicine Department № 1 – professor Nadiia Vasylivna Pasiechko (2015)

The curators of the cardiologic department are: the Internal Medicine Department № 1 professor, PhD in Medicine - Yarema N.I and the assistant professor Savchenko I.P. (2017)

The curators of the gastro-enterologic department are the assistant professor Smachylo I.V. and the assistant professor Havryliuk M.Ye. (performing the visitation) (2017)

The curator of the pulmonologic department is Bob Anzhela Olegivna (2018)

Contemporary new methods of diagnostics and treatment such as daily ECG and artherial blood pressure monitoring, transesophageal echocardioscopy, transesophageal electrocardiostimulation, pulsoxymetriya, defining heart rhythms variability, troponin test, control over blood coagulation system are practiced in the department.

The curators of the endocrinologic department are: professor Pasiechko N.V. and the assistant professor Naumova L.V.

In 2010 defining of insulin and testosterone degree in blood were introduced. The aim of this is the question of how the patients with the endocrinologic pathology should be cured. Those patients who have labile diabetes course and also pregnant women have hourly glycaemia degree monitoring.

At the University Hospital contemporary invasive and non-invasive methods of difficult heart complications diagnosis and treatment, insulin pumps for patients with a labile diabetes course and for pregnant women usage, CT-diagnosis of hypothalamic-pituitary area, pancreatic elastase-1 in faeces definition to evaluate exocrine dysfunction of the pancreas are involved.

The Therapy Department was founded in 1957 on the basis of Ternopil Regional Hospital. The founder and the first Head of the Department was PhD in Medicine, professor – I.O.Melnyk. His follower became PhD in Medicine, professor M.H.Masyk, M.D. Strazhesko’s student, the follower of the detailed clinic physical examination method. The next Head of the Department was P.Ya.Hryhoriev, PhD in Medicine, professor, one of the most prominent gastroenterologists.

From 1989 the Head of the Department became the TDMI graduate, an honoured statesman of science and technic of Ukraine, Ph.D in Medicine, professor Shved M.I.

From the first of July 2011 the Head of the Internal Medicine Department № 1 became PhD in Medicine, Nadiia Ivanivna Yarema.

From 2015 the Head of the Department is Nadiia Vasylivna Pasiechko.

The main spheres of scientific interests are cardiology, endocrinology and gastroenterology.